LEF Church Weekly Sermons from Langenburg Evangelical Fellowship

November 5, 2017  

Pastor Dennis speaks on David and Bathsheba, the pattern and consequences of sin.

October 29, 2017  

Pastor Bryan lays out the case that Daniel is a real person from history and that Daniel was written in the correct time period.

October 15, 2017  

Pastor Dennis teaches us the importance to watch for Jesus's return. And not to just watch, but also prepare, expecting his return.

October 8, 2017  

Pastor Dennis speaks on the abundance of God and to continuously give thanks.

October 1, 2017  

Pastor Dennis speaks on our language and if it lines up with God's Word.

September 24, 2017  

2 Cor 4:4.  

Pastor Bryan Watson.  


September 10, 2017  

Pastor Dennis speaks on God building His church and His blessing on her.

September 3, 2017  

Pastor Dennis.  

Psalm 12.  

The Moral Minority - Living a Godly Life in a Godless Environment.  When believers find themselves in the minority they should pray to the Lord trusting in His protection.  

August 27, 2017  

God gets to define what marriage is.  He's the one who invented it.  So He gets to make the rules for it.  

Ephisians 5:22-33.  

Bryan Watson.  


August 20, 2017  

Psalm 127.  

Pastor Dennis Elhard.


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