LEF Church Weekly Sermons from Langenburg Evangelical Fellowship

September 15, 2019  
September 8, 2019  

Sermon text: John 20:30-31

Pastor Bryan preaches on the four Gospels... how they are all different, and yet all point to Jesus Christ as Saviour.

September 1, 2019  
August 25, 2019  

Pastor Bryan completes our journey through 1 Peter and reminds us to be humble and be always be aware of Satan trying to turn us away from God.

August 18, 2019  

Pastor Dennis speaks on the attributes of good leaders.

August 11, 2019  

Pastor Bryan presents a simple Gospel message as he leads us through the Bible from cover to cover with the Seven C's of History.  This foundation for this message is from Answers in Genesis' Seven C's of History.  

August 4, 2019  

Brendon Galger speaks on I Peter 4:12-19.

July 28, 2019  

I Peter 4:1-11.  We are to go to war against sin.  Pastor Bryan Watson.  

July 21, 2019  

Suffering for doing good is something any one of us may encounter as followers of Christ, but it's not all bad because it brings God's blessing and the promise of vindication. 

I Peter 3:13-22. 

Pastor Dennis Elhard.

July 14, 2019  

Live in Harmony with one another. 

I Peter 3:8-12.  

Pastor Bryan Watson.  


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